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5 Questions With Acupuncturist Snow Xia

On this week’s edition of #TheDoctorIsIn, we had the pleasure of chatting with acupuncturist Snow Xia, founder of Hima Acupuncture in Flatiron NYC. If you’re not familiar with #TheDoctorIsIn series, it’s a weekly Instagram Story series aired on Fridays where we ask Slingshot Health doctors and healthcare professionals your user-submitted questions. Be sure to check-in at the beginning of each week to see who we’re interviewing. DM us your questions in advance and you might see your question featured in the interview!

Snow Xia: Hi, my name is Snow. I’m a board-certified NY State licensed acupuncturist and a founder of Hima Acupuncture in the Flatiron district of NYC.

Caroline: So the first question is, what does acupuncture treat?

Snow Xia: Acupuncture is great for a wide variety of conditions such as lower back pain, migraines, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, infertility and the list goes on and on.

Caroline: So my question is, do acupuncture needles hurt?

Snow Xia: The answer is no. Acupuncture does not hurt. The needles we use are one-time sterile and only 1/30th the size of a hypodermic needles. So it’s really thin like a strand of hair.

Caroline: The next question is, what’s the biggest misconception about acupuncture?

Snow Xia: One of the biggest misconceptions is that acupuncture can take a very long time to see results. That can be true for certain chronic conditions, but for acute pain the results are pretty immediate. So for example, those coming in with a sprained back or a stomach ache, they usually leave feeling much more relief.

Caroline: So the second to last question is, if I feel healthy, can I still benefit from acupuncture?

Snow Xia: Absolutely. Prevention is the best medicine. I have many patients coming in for tune-ups at the end of the work week to help them de-stress, boost immunity and just stay healthy.

Caroline: So the last question is, what is one fun fact about yourself?

Snow Xia: So one fun fact about myself is that I’m a really tall lady, I’m 5’11” and in a past life, I was also a professional runway model.

*Originally posted on Slingshot Health Blog, click below to read.


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