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6 Holistic Tips For Managing Holiday Stress

November 30, 2017 | Snow Xia, L.Ac


Hanging out with the in-laws or that strange aunt of yours for Christmas is giving you palpitations? De-stress by giving yourself some "me" time! Pamper yourself with a steamy bath with a few drops of essential oils (Lavender, Eucalyptus and Geranium are my favorites for their anti-inflammatory quality and soothing effects on the nervous system). I like to slap on a mask while the pores are open from the hot steam in the bath. My new favorite is this resurfacing mask that is made with all natural ingredients and gives me instant radiant, smooth skin.


This one is simple yet requires serious self-discipline. Meditation is more relevant than ever in today’s world, where we are experiencing sensory overload and constantly craving instant gratification. Meditate for 5-10 minutes a day can allow us a chance to slow down, de-clutter the mind, and clear the head to set goals for the day ahead. Cultivating this little habit can potentially have the greatest positive impact on your life!


Spice up your holiday coffee! Add ground cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom for their flavorful and warming effects. As some of you may know, I always recommend cardamom for improving gastrointestinal functions.


Too many "to-dos", too little time? Set a Priority - Wait - Drop list. Separate out a "must-do" list, and a "wait" list. Maybe things on the wait list can even be delegated to people around you. Finally, what are the things that we can "let go" or "drop" for now. Keep in mind that there are only 24-hours in a day. The top priority here is to not experience holiday burn-out.


Warm up with this simple, 3-ingredient ginger latte that will also effectively speed up blood circulation. All it takes is almond milk, fresh ginger slices and cane sugar (or replace with organic brown sugar, for its warming properties).


Traveling over the holidays? The packed airports and canceled flights can trigger anxiety and frustration among the calmest of us. Prepare to fight traveling stress with your very own traveling spa kit. Download that guided meditation on your phone, pack your favorite book, bring that aromatherapy pulse-point roller to help you feel relaxed at all times. I always carry a rosewater spray with me to help tackle the tired, dry skin from the stale airport air.

Do you have any tips to recommend for tackling holiday stress? Please feel free to share with me! :)



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