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Quarantine Life: Self-Care Tips from Model/ Yoga Instructor Kathrin Werderitsch

We are five weeks into social distancing and I am curious what my other wellness colleagues have been doing for their physical and mental health. I sat down over FaceTime with my dear friend, Kathrin Werderitsch to hear her updates since the quarantine. Kathrin is an international model from Austria and has been a yoga instructor and devoted student of nutrition in recent years. She is offering Zoom yoga classes through her website:

So what have you been up to since the quarantine started?

I have been teaching yoga via FaceTime and Zoom. It has brought me so much joy in these unusual weeks. It is nice to be able to see so many faces during this isolating time. I work with beginners to seniors alike. Lately, many of my students have been wanting to use this time to learn headstands and arm balances.

How did you become interested in yoga and nutrition? I think my interest in nutrition came first. When I started traveling and modeling, I had to make do with on-the-go food. I didn't really know how to cook and experienced the stressors of my profession - constant travels, being away from family and friends, non-stimulating work and the emphasis of a thin body. I felt exhausted and depressed. Living off of sugar and junk food for a long period of time led me to being diagnosed with a fatty liver and early-stage osteoporosis. Eventually, I sought out a psychologist specializing on eating disorders, and through her guidance worked on my poor eating patterns and overall relationship with food. This journey led to my interest to learn more about healthy eating and the mind-body connection. Eventually prompting me to start my nutrition and yoga teacher training. What have you been doing during this quarantine to help build immunity? I have been taking walks during the day to make sure I get my Vitamin-D and doing tons of yoga to staying active. These are my favorite mood-booster. I like to exercise in the morning and go to bed early to stay in-tune with my circadian rhythm. I am also really into supplements. Figure out what works and then taking them consistently for at least two to three month really does wonders for me.

How do we act more kind to ourselves during this unprecedented time?

It is okay to feel all the feels. Communicate those feelings with friends. We are all going through similar feelings. Taking long bath has been great for me too!

What yoga poses do you recommend to build Lung meridian health? As a devoted student of yoga, I have been practicing more heart-opening poses, which have been helping my mood as well.

Yoga is a great, safe way to work out at home right now. Poses like Bridge, Cobra, Wheel, and Upward-Facing Dog will open and stretch the chest, stimulate the lungs, and can even be therapeutic for asthma. These specific poses are also "heart-openers" like you mentioned. They might potentially stir-up and release emotions, while improving overall blood flow. Try to incorporate these poses in your yoga practice, making sure your body is warmed up first.

I recommend restorative yoga, yin yoga and meditation to ease anxiety and stress. Simply focusing on our breath will support the respiratory system and have a calming effect on the nervous system.

What is missing with practicing at home vs going to a class, and how can we make up for it?

A class with other human beings is a beautiful thing. You are joining a bigger collective which inspires and energizes. A prerecorded video does not hold accountability and one might get distracted and start checking work emails half way through. When you are taking a live class or a private, you gain that accountability again. Practicing with friends over Zoom is fun too! Just be open to explore new ways, you never know, they might work even better for you than what you are used to.

Your skin always look so radiant, please share with us your skin care routine!

I try to use organic and holistic skincare products whenever I can. I love Kypris Moonlight Catalyst as my nighttime serum. I also wear sunscreen daily, it is crucial to protect the skin against harmful UV rays which is the major cause of aging skin. Overall, I just believe that beauty is inside out. As long as you take care of your internal health, it will ultimately be reflected as radiant skin on the outside.


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