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Modern lives are fueled on instant-gratification. We often sabotage our bodies and souls to stay current and competitive, without truly understanding the cost. My passion lies in helping patients find their own awakened path to live a healthy and happy life. Once our inner universe is empowered and whole, we can then manifest our full potential outwardly into the external world.



snow xia, hima acupuncture


snow xia, hima acupncture


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Sofia, Accountant

" I had ACL reconstruction surgery more than 1.5 years ago and still experienced some pain and discomfort in my knee. It was swollen. I didn’t have any sensation below my knee on the right side. In the beginning, I was skeptical that acupuncture will help me with my symptoms, especially it has been so long after the surgery. However, I was surprised and pleased at the same time by feeling some difference after my first session. Snow is an amazing professional who listens and addresses your health concerns immediately. My knee got much better and sensation came back (up to 95% after 3 months of treatment). Snow is knowledgeable and well experienced. She shared her feedback with me. Also, she helped to relieve some pain from PMS and kidney stones. I wanted to share my love and gratitude by leaving this comment and maybe it will help some people with similar concerns. It was an incredible experience that transformed my body and made me feel good and balanced. The office is beautiful and cozy! Thank you so much! "

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